Friday, September 11, 2009

behind the scenes: psalm 139

when creating the art for psalm 139 and meditating on the passage, i would think about how God knew all the details of life while the baby was yet being formed in the womb. physical details, which made me think of every hair on the head, every tiny finger and toe. emotional details, such as how the baby already had personality. intellectual details, as to how the brain was developing. and, spiritual details, as to what the baby, child, then adult would put his or her faith in.
when my pumpkin-poos was 4 months old, we did what i refer to as "the big naked photo shoot". several of my designs have come out of this photo shoot, and psalm 139 is one of them. i decided to focus in on the precious little feet of a baby, so that it could be "anonymous" and represent any baby. the feet are tenderly being held by the loving father, representational of how God's tender love holds us.
this is one of my favorite shots that day. he loves her so much.
here she is, moving around... probably cold since it was january near chicago!
those big bright eyes!
and smoochy cheeks! more to come of the naked baby shots!

grace & peace,

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Amanda said...

i ABSOLUTELY love your dedication to the Lord... your use of Scripture... your meditating on the Word...

You are amazing.