Saturday, December 11, 2010

new life to celebrate

last night we had the joy of meeting our brand new, squishy, adorable, mixed, sleepy nephew :)

the kids were in awe of a baby so small (i believe 7lbs 3oz) (might i just say NONE of my babies were that little!) he was very sleepy & has a sweet soft cry (which my babies did NOT have either) & seeing my sister-in-law snuggling him actually made me want to have another one. ahhh. (shall i remind myself of the countless sleepless nursing nights?!)

i immediately started a mock photoshoot in the hospital room & here are some results...

i love how the feet create a heart shape in mommy's hands

this little bundle is their added joy to 1 big sister & 2 big brothers!

my "james 1" shot
as i blogged about earlier, being so close to christmas just makes the wonder of the birth of Jesus so much more tender & real. that the God of the universe would come to us in the helpless, humble human form of a baby is mind blowing more & more lately. so dependent on His mommy.

life is such a miracle.

and, at last, here she is ... the proud new mama!
love you guys!

grace & peace,
p.s. we are headed to florida for christmas to meet another new nephew or neice (we are banking on a nephew), as my sis is prego too!

Thursday, December 2, 2010



the church we attended when we were first married, HARVEST BIBLE CHAPEL, taught about a really neat concept for your home: to visually display your family's values as a continual reminder of what you strive for and commit to both to God and to one another.

i have thought about it on & off for years, and 3 kids later we had still never actually written ours out.

but then, one of my faithful customers contacted me with her family's values and asked me to create a custom piece.

i liked how it turned out so much that sam & i wrote ours that night (see above)

the great thing is IT IS YOURS.

it can be a simple phrase or mantra that you live by
or a passage of Scripture (like the Rowe's)
or a list of values (like ours)

i encourage you to sit down as a couple or as an entire family & think through what you want to uphold in your lives. write it down, talk about it, commit to it, and live it out as God gives you the grace to.

now available in the shop

OH! christmas shopping reminder:
buy 3 8x10 prints & get the 4th FREE

grace & peace,