Friday, March 23, 2012

Downers Grove Photography: OH! The Places We'll Go

Meet Ms. L, my first photo client who found me via the internet & not via word of mouth. I met up with her about a month ago to do some head shots for her blog & business she is developing.

Last autumn she & her son participated in the fun Red Couch Photoshoot.

I loved how they interacted and the love between them is obvious.

I mean, who could NOT love this face?!

A future model in the works I think!

And here is some custom art I created using their portraits. I will be listing a "Custom Art" listing in my ETSY shop soon, so that you can send me your photos & I can recreate them into a timeless work of art.

Grace & Peace,

Monday, March 19, 2012

the dirt. oh wait, I mean the MUD.

This past weekend we had the most AMAZING weather here in Illinois. Normally March is full of dreary rain & chills. Saturday & Sunday was in the 80's! We grilled. We relaxed. We played in the mud. {Well my 3 crazy kiddos did I mean}

It started with running through the sprinkler. Fun times. Again, especially in MARCH!

My favorite little mister transformed the slide into a water slide & thus the bottom of the slide became a mud pit.

Kinda reminds me of this post, eh?!

And God did a really cool thing. This mud-covering event turned into a spiritual lesson. For just that morning the kids learned about how Jesus washed His disciple's feet. He stooped down and served them. The King of Kings & Lord of Lords made the choice to take on the lowliest of jobs, washing stinky feet.

Well, I got my chance to "be Jesus" to my kids yesterday & washed them clean. As they were piled in the bath tub {disgusting I might add, as I did have the heart to hose them down... they were outside for a really long time} they got to visually see the dirt {or "sin"} wash down the drain. No more. Gone.

We had a great talk & I thought how fun God is that not only did they have the best day acting like hippos, but they also got to experience a spiritual "event" in a tangible way.

As Easter is approaching and we are in this season of Lent, I was also reminded of the pure white Lamb who washes away the sins of the world. Thank You Jesus for doing this for us, your children.

Grace & Peace,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring has SPRUNG & my little toothless wonder

Oh, what a happy camper I am! Spring has officially sprung in Illinois and to take full advantage of the beautiful weather, we spent the entire time {well, almost} OUTDOORS!

We went to Starved Rock State Park and hiked looking for waterfalls & we did see one trickling. BTW, I LOVE this pic of my favorite little mister... ahhh. Though he is looking so grown up!

One of their favorite parts of the hike was of course going "off the path" into this soft little pine area. And, they were so proud of the walking sticks my favorite little mister found for all of us to use.

There was also an owl presentation at the lodge. We saw a great horned owl, eastern screech, & barred owl up close! SO COOL! Then they were allowed to feel the different talons and wings of birds of prey. I loved witnessing my sunshine girl's personality come out at the presentation as she was more than eager to answer or ask all questions given by the guide. Whereas big brother {who has indeed taught her all of the information} sat back and was so quiet.

The next day we hiked at the Morton Arboretum, one of our family's favorite places. We did the Big Rock hike for the first time & this is the kiddos on top of the rock inspecting a millipede. It was again so funny to witness their personalities, as my favorite little mister actually brought a new magnifying glass on the hike in case he had to "examine anything", sunshine girl is into whatever big bro is into, and pumpkin-poos is deathly afraid of bugs {which has already been an issue this spring... yes, they do LIVE outdoors! it is THEIR home}

And, the really big news of the weekend?! Sunshine girl pulled out her tooth ALL BY HERSELF!!! It's been dangling for weeks, was loose since pre-Christmas & finally, it's OUT! She was too cute & said it was her lucky day: loosing a tooth & going to the Arboretum! Love it. OH, and I had wanted to do a photoshoot of her in this amazing coat since the fall but never had a good chance. Love how it looks in the barren woods.

Here my model extraordinaire wanted to recreate the Zephaniah 3 pose. She has helped me prep for my upcoming show and talking about how when she gets bigger she will run Life Verse and so while we were out in the woods, she says, "Hey, Mom! Take a picture of me again like the one everybody likes. You know, the one in your artwork!" The funny thing to me was that once again she kept falling backwards just like during the original photoshoot when she was 4!

{Art available HERE}

Here is the art she is talking about! I am in the process of recreating it into an 8x10 FOOT banner!!!! More details coming soon. Lots of fun stuff in the works over here!

Enjoy the beauty of nature this week!

Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life Verse Design in Other Languages

I love it when I get custom requests, even when they involve languages I cannot read nor speak.

The above art is Scripture from the book of John {chapter 11, verses 25 & 26}

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

I had to have my client typeset the verse to fit the space line per line since I did not want to risk breaking a line incorrectly.

I love the way it turned out! It is on its way to its new home in the middle east!

The above art is based on my "It is Well With My Soul" inspirational art, shown here in Spanish!

If you have a favorite verse that you would like to see in another language, just let me know... I will need your help in the creation, but it will speak to your heart I am sure!

Grace & Peace,