Monday, March 19, 2012

the dirt. oh wait, I mean the MUD.

This past weekend we had the most AMAZING weather here in Illinois. Normally March is full of dreary rain & chills. Saturday & Sunday was in the 80's! We grilled. We relaxed. We played in the mud. {Well my 3 crazy kiddos did I mean}

It started with running through the sprinkler. Fun times. Again, especially in MARCH!

My favorite little mister transformed the slide into a water slide & thus the bottom of the slide became a mud pit.

Kinda reminds me of this post, eh?!

And God did a really cool thing. This mud-covering event turned into a spiritual lesson. For just that morning the kids learned about how Jesus washed His disciple's feet. He stooped down and served them. The King of Kings & Lord of Lords made the choice to take on the lowliest of jobs, washing stinky feet.

Well, I got my chance to "be Jesus" to my kids yesterday & washed them clean. As they were piled in the bath tub {disgusting I might add, as I did have the heart to hose them down... they were outside for a really long time} they got to visually see the dirt {or "sin"} wash down the drain. No more. Gone.

We had a great talk & I thought how fun God is that not only did they have the best day acting like hippos, but they also got to experience a spiritual "event" in a tangible way.

As Easter is approaching and we are in this season of Lent, I was also reminded of the pure white Lamb who washes away the sins of the world. Thank You Jesus for doing this for us, your children.

Grace & Peace,

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