Thursday, February 25, 2010

winter wonderland

it's a winter wonderland over here in the chicago suburbs! i had fun (finally) doing some outdoor shots this week of the magical snow.
then it was time to PLAY. sunshine girl loved making our snowman, but then daddy took a study break and what started off as a cute snowman for grandma quickly turned into an enormous fort/snow slide on which they slide down on their bellies like penguins.
(the best daddy ever :)
pumpkin-poos was content to sit in her swing & swing away in the snow. (this is her excitedly looking at daddy, knowing she is about to launch up in the air wildly... btw, she does NOT want me to push her... only daddy!)
then sam gave our favorite little mister a lesson in throwing snowballs. ahh, good times.
i am so thankful to say that warm friendship, laughter and love are truly enjoyed in our home. stay warm!

grace & peace,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh My: Handmade

i am honored to have recently joined the cast of other fabulous children product artists and designers to be a part of a creative new blog, focusing on handmade children products and the businesses behind them. check out if you:

a. want to be inspired to start your own business & get great advice from experienced and successful entrepreneurs
b. are looking for creative ideas for party planning
c. in need of adorable kids clothing, artwork for the walls, or personalized stationary (see here)

the founder & creative thinker / business woman extraordinaire is sara tams of sarah + abraham who has generously organized this blog which i know will inspire so many people.

sara is my first "online" etsy friend, whom i contacted back in march of 2008 while i was researching etsy in order to start my shop. i entered "religious kids art" & her shop popped up & i was thrilled to see her contemporary style of work as well as the fact that she lives in the town almost next to me!

since then, she has been a big influence in growing my business, dreaming big, and of course, the constant battle of balancing the work which we love with the adorable kids whom we love even more!

so, go check out the blog & i will be posting on there next month.

grace & peace,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

iphone wallpaper and digital art

did you know that for just 99 cents you could get a whole psalms collection of 15 pieces of art for your iPhone or iPod touch?! yes, follow this link and this wallpaper could be yours:

you can also find my same Psalms collection available for purchase as digital art at it is beautifully set to music and can play on your computer, DVD player, or digital frame.

it has been a joy partnering with them, as their heart is to see God's Word in homes across America so that people can be encouraged with truth and grace in this media.

grace & peace,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

celebrity sighting!

my DEMDACO wall art has been spotted on the TLC show "19 Kids and Counting ..." (you know, the show about the Duggar family who just had their 19th child!)

my friend facebooked me the images she had screen captured somehow & said she was so excited to notice the unique shape of the plaque and as soon as i saw it, i recognized it to be my deuteronomy 6 piece, about loving the Lord and teaching these commands to your children.
this art is a great encouragement to any family who is trying to raise their children to know and love the Lord, as the Duggar's are. what an amazing family! i used to watch the show, back when we had cable, and what i remember most was how the family truly loved and respected one another, enjoying each other's presence and truly being a team. i also watched it on my oh-so-overwhelmed-new-3rd-baby-days, when i just couldn't think i could handle anymore! ha! michelle, God bless you!

grace & peace,