Thursday, February 25, 2010

winter wonderland

it's a winter wonderland over here in the chicago suburbs! i had fun (finally) doing some outdoor shots this week of the magical snow.
then it was time to PLAY. sunshine girl loved making our snowman, but then daddy took a study break and what started off as a cute snowman for grandma quickly turned into an enormous fort/snow slide on which they slide down on their bellies like penguins.
(the best daddy ever :)
pumpkin-poos was content to sit in her swing & swing away in the snow. (this is her excitedly looking at daddy, knowing she is about to launch up in the air wildly... btw, she does NOT want me to push her... only daddy!)
then sam gave our favorite little mister a lesson in throwing snowballs. ahh, good times.
i am so thankful to say that warm friendship, laughter and love are truly enjoyed in our home. stay warm!

grace & peace,

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