Saturday, December 11, 2010

new life to celebrate

last night we had the joy of meeting our brand new, squishy, adorable, mixed, sleepy nephew :)

the kids were in awe of a baby so small (i believe 7lbs 3oz) (might i just say NONE of my babies were that little!) he was very sleepy & has a sweet soft cry (which my babies did NOT have either) & seeing my sister-in-law snuggling him actually made me want to have another one. ahhh. (shall i remind myself of the countless sleepless nursing nights?!)

i immediately started a mock photoshoot in the hospital room & here are some results...

i love how the feet create a heart shape in mommy's hands

this little bundle is their added joy to 1 big sister & 2 big brothers!

my "james 1" shot
as i blogged about earlier, being so close to christmas just makes the wonder of the birth of Jesus so much more tender & real. that the God of the universe would come to us in the helpless, humble human form of a baby is mind blowing more & more lately. so dependent on His mommy.

life is such a miracle.

and, at last, here she is ... the proud new mama!
love you guys!

grace & peace,
p.s. we are headed to florida for christmas to meet another new nephew or neice (we are banking on a nephew), as my sis is prego too!


Unknown said...

The pictures are amazing and Malachi is just precious! I can't wait to meet him!!!

lauren said...

Wow! So how many nieces and nephews do you have now, Juls?

He is really adorable!