Wednesday, March 17, 2010

behind the scenes: children are like flowers

to celebrate the great weather here in the burbs, i decided to post a "behind the scenes" of one of my favorite spring photos ever. sunshine girl is my model & Demdaco gave me the wording (if i remember correctly).
the above is the original image, which i love partly because it was not posed at all. she was being her silly self & i just snapped away & caught a good one.
here's a family photo at the time, now almost 2 years old.
oh, how i love them & am the most blessed mommy to see them bloom more & more every day!
favorite little mister, my nature lover.
sunshine girl, taking time to stop & smell the tulips :)
pumpkin-poos had just learned to sit up. love her sweetness!

ok, out for a walk. (it is supposed to snow again on sunday!) ugh!

grace & peace,

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Anne said...

Adorable pictures!