Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School!

 The kiddos headed back to school this week! We are all trying to adjust from summer sleeping hours. I am thrilled with their teachers & thankful they are excited for school too.

 My favorite little mister is in 4th grade! He is now in "the big kid" hallway & actually has his first grade teacher again, as she moved up to 4th grade so we are happy about that.

 Sunshine girl is in 2nd grade & I am pretty sure she is the only girl in class with an Avengers lunch box. {some girls at lunch stared at her & asked if that was her brother's lunchbox, which oddly enough her big bro has little interest in super heroes, besides his daddy that is} She is in love with her teacher already, who has really cool red hair {I'm talking dyed red hair} so in addition to sunshine's desire to have a belly ring when she is a teenager, I am guessing dyed hair will be on the list too. I am glad she is confident enough to be her own person and carry a super hero lunchbox. I just hope she does not kiss Thor at lunch.

Pumpkin-poos is in her last year of preschool! She is the "big kid" in class now {which is funny, as I am sure she is one of the tiniest still} She has her same teacher, who had a baby last spring & I think pumkins worried all summer that her favorite teacher would not be back! Last week she said, "School is weird." but this morning on the way she decided, "Mommy, I love school." {phew!}

Hope you're off to a great start too!

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Grace & Peace,

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