Friday, October 23, 2009

my favorite little mister

the above is my new favorite picture of my favorite little mister. it fully captures who he is: so handsome, sweet, kind, compassionate, and an animal lover. he rescued the frog he is holding out of his cousin's window well. we then made a "habitat" for froggy to live in (on our kitchen counter), and he along with daddy would hunt bugs every day to feed him. froggy was living the good life in our home until the weather got colder and the bugs were more scarce. so, we decided to take froggy to a new home and we let her (she thankfully did not croak, so we know she was a female) go a few weeks ago at one of our favorite places, the morton arboretum. i took one last picture of him & his frog before it literally leaped out of his hands into the lake. as we watched her swim away, my favorite little mister was proud to say that froggy will be much happier here among the lilly pads with other frog friends. we'll be back in the spring to look for tadpoles!
here's another pic of my guy. man, i love him soooo much.

and, his sisters absolutely adore him also.

hope everyone is enjoying the colors of fall. after it stops raining, the kids and i are going on a leaf hunt!

grace & peace,

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