Wednesday, October 14, 2009

treasure in heaven

oh, how i hope you know and live the truth and promise of this Scripture! the living hope and new birth that is available to all of us through putting our faith in Jesus and accepting the gift He has offered us.

in thinking of the image for this passage, i kept thinking of a treasure chest and especially a lock, in which though the outside may get battered and weathered and worn, the treasure inside which is yet to be revealed remains precious, priceless, pristine, and utterly untarnished. beautiful. it remains. i also think of the song by watermark (or now, christy nockels) "incorruptable", which gracefully speaks of this verse.

i also think of how God is the one who holds the key to this inheritance or treasure. it is His to give. He is in total control of it, though i may not fully understand it, as we need to work with Him, giving our trust and love to Him. but, it is in His timing that the fullness of our salvation will be revealed. someday He will turn that key and unlock in our lives the fullness and wonder of how great our salvation is and we will experience eternity with Him.

until then, hold on to Him tightly. love Him deeply. live for His glory. and, like this verse says, praise Him, for He is worthy!

grace & peace,

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