Thursday, December 17, 2009


as of yesterday, i am 36 years old! wow. where has the time flown? (though, photo disclaimer: this pic was taken last fall, i have no current pictures of me since i am usually behind the camera)...

last week, at my MOPS meeting (Mothers of Preschoolers, an organization to encourage the mommies in the world) our speaker asked the question, "If you look back 10 years ago, would you have thought this is where you would be NOW?" i have been thinking a lot about that now, as my birthday has arrived and i have pondered where i am at in life and where i want to be in 2010. i guess my answer is yes & no.

if i think back 10 years, to 1999 i would have been married just 2 years and happily working full time at Tyndale House Publishers, designing books. since i unexpectedly loved my career so much, kids were not on the radar (cuz i knew once i became a mom, i wanted to stay at home with them full time). though, i DID want kids somday: 2 of them. my hubby & i are not the "5 year plan" type of couple... we just take life as it comes and pray for wisdom in the choices laid out before us.

but, after that speaker asked that question & really emphasized that so much of our lives are the unexpected blessings which we did not plan & that those things are really what makes our life full it got me thinking...

so, fast forward 10 years to now:
did i always want to do art? YES.
did i ever think i would actually own my own creative business, creating inspirational art for the home? NO.
did i think i would live in the suburbs of chicago forever? NO.
do i love our little town? YES.
did i think i would love book design so much? YES.
did i dream i would get to work on such books as the Left Behind series (books 4-12) and the Jesus Storybook Bible that would literally change the world? NO.
did i think i would have 2 kids? YES. (or at least i hoped)
did i think i would have 3 kids? NO. (for i am the "middle child" and have always wanted an even number... but, then our "love child" came along :)

just thinking about what God has done in my life over these past years puts me in awe. my new creative outlet & relationship with Demdaco & Tyndale are huge blessings. as well as blessing number 3! i wouldn't trade it for the world and i am incredibly thankful.

so, though i will NOT be making a 5 year or 10 year plan, i do have dreams. those dreams are simple:

1. to love Jesus much, much more than i already do and grow in my relationship with Him
2. to be a loving and encouraging wife
3. to be the best mommy i could be
4. to serve the body of Christ through my gifts

and anything else, well, we'll just see what is to come... better days even, i am sure of it!

grace & peace,


Doda said...

Very happy birthday. God bless you!

Ashlie Miller said...

I'm definitely following your blog! We have too many interests in common :)

LOVE your etsy shop, your story, and we recently bought the Jesus Storybook Bible (in large part due to the amazing art!).

Many blessings!

Kim said...

I heard about you from Monkeys on the Bed and was so excited because my husband and I read the Jesus Storybook Bible every night to our twins (9 months). We recommend it to everyone, and one of the things we always mention is the art and design! I'm so glad that God has blessed people like you with such fabulous artistic talent so that others (us) can be blessed through you!

the monkeys' mama said...

Happy Belated birthday!!!

pippirose said...

Happy Birthday!
I love your shop.