Friday, January 15, 2010

behind the scenes: john 3:16

i have had this verse on my "to-do" list forever, and in light of the recent earthquake and devestation in haiti, i have finally been motivated to create it. though it is so hard to fathom the pain and heartache there, i believe in my heart that God wants to pour out His hope and love on their lives.

you can be a part of this movement also.

i encourage you to give to a great organization called World Relief, who not only brings aid, but along with it the message of the gospel.

i also wanted you to know that a portion of all of my sales goes to World Relief, as we believe in their organization and we just want to be a small part of reaching the world.
another reason why i wanted to create this art is that i have thought of this Scripture every night as we tuck our kids. it is our new family tradition to pick a country every night to pray for the people there. the kids (well, at least the older 2 :) have really embraced it, as they take turns picking which country they would like to pray for.

of course, the last few nights we have chosen haiti. we have also chosen italy one night because we had pasta that night; we have chosen taiwan as that is part of their heritage; and even antartica because they love their penguin movie!

please pray for the world, that they would know and embrace the love of Jesus.

oh, this art will be available in my shop soon!

grace & peace,

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