Wednesday, January 27, 2010

behind the scenes: psalm 119

this behind the scenes is not so much about how i created the art, but rather for whom i made it.

today i sadly had to attend the funeral of my former pastor's wife who was a truly amazing woman. even though i really only knew her for a year, i consider her one of my lifelong spiritual mentors. the love, wisdom, and encouragement that she showed everyone around her was truly a gift from the Lord. there are a few conversations we had that i will never forget; her just praying for me, speaking Scripture left & right, and being so gentle and gracious.

another way she influenced me was in my life verse business. at the beginning of this journey, she was by far my biggest customer, a great fan. she asked me to do the above psalm for her, as well as at least 6 other passages for her family & friends. she would send me notes thanking me for my work & encouraging me to keep using my talents for the Lord.
today at the funeral, her daughter-in-law read proverbs 31. it described her exactly. i just sat there (balling my eyes out), pondering this worthy life she had lived, hoping that someday i will reflect that type of character too.

being there today boiled it down to the basics of life for me:
1. Love God
2. Love my hubby (for she & pastor had an incredible marriage & were still completely in love after all those years)
3. Love my children
4. Serve others

lately i have so many tugs and desires with my art, and yet find it hard to find the time to get them out of my head & onto paper... but, after today i just feel like i have the rest of my life to create and want to continue to make effort to put my family and their needs first and have freedom in it.

mourning with sorrow, and yet peace, joy, and hope knowing that she is free.

grace & peace,

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Jen said...

Sorry to hear about your loss and what a wonderful impact she had for Christ. It was a pleasure to hear about her.