Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i made it through

pumpkin poos turned 3 last week & started preschool today.

i was a crying mess.

my baby girl, off to school. all of the sudden, the time again has flown.

she qualified for preschool even after missing the september 1 age cut off, due to her speech and language "impairment". i realize i am much more protective of her than my other 2, as i know she cannot verbally communicate her needs or desires to others as a normal child can. (ok, now i am sitting here crying again).

it's been a long road and i just long for the day when we can have a real, heart to heart conversation, so i can know what goes on in that little sweet mind of hers and that i can understand everything she is trying to tell me.

her teacher said she did great & helped put my worries at rest.

this is just one more instance when God is stretching me with her life, forcing me to trust Him more and give it all to Him.

oh, i had to show the above pic, as i thought it is so funny that the backpack is almost as big as her! (but the little play backpacks don't hold squat, so i had to go with this one!)

here is the birthday invitation i created for her apple orchard "party"!
love it.

hope your fall has been great & i will soon enough post my arts & craft fair schedule for the rest of the year!

grace & peace,

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Anne said...

OH MY!!! Absolutely, incredibly adorable!!!!