Thursday, November 11, 2010

behind the scenes: give thanks

as thanksgiving is upon us, i have been reflecting on what i am most thankful for. there are many things i can think of this year, specifically:

1. God's grace, love, strength, and evident presence in my life. especially in the little ways, like how He answered prayer today by having a friend call, pray for me over the phone, as God had put me on her heart, & encourage me & offer to help watch the girls in this crazy busy time before the holidays. God had literally placed her on MY heart last night!

2. Family~ not only my hubby & 3 adorable, fun-loving kiddos, but also our extended families & how much they show their love for us.

3. Nature & enjoying the outdoors (even in the burbs).

4. Friends & their support & fun.

5. My art & the outlet it is for me. It is such a joy for me to create. It has been amazing & mind-boggling this year what God has done with my art & how it is growing & reaching the world in new & different ways ... (more on this later this week i hope :)

i would love to hear what YOU are thankful for!

the chen side of the family has one of my favorite holiday traditions, in which after we have gorged ourselves with food (i am talking a full american thanksgiving meal mixed with chinese dishes), made fun of how aunt anne eats THE strangest parts of the turkey (you know, the ones you do not even want to see, least you throw up a little in your throat... or at least i do), we then go around the table one by one & share what we are most thankful for. it is always a very moving time, from laughter to tears. it is also a such a special bonding time with one another as we reflect on God's goodness.

i encourage you to begin this year!

grace & peace,

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Anne said...

What a precious way to conclude your Thanksgiving meal! That's a great idea!