Saturday, November 20, 2010

i just have to brag...

so, last night i had a little open house to allow people to come buy my work in my home & see where it all happens, and my kids went all out!

i just have to say, it warms my heart to see a piece of me in them.

if you remember their "sale for the poor" & how they created their own menu & artwork to sell in order to give to our compassion international child, i see how they see me selling art for God's kingdom and they want to follow along.

my favorite little mister was the hostess with the mostess... creating handwritten signs for everything, from "my mom's art", "this is more of my mom's art" to "hot apple cider" near the food spread, he was just so sweet.

he greeted the people & asked what he could get them.

sunshine girl & her bff spent 2 hours creating their own art for the sale, which THEY sold for FREE.

she would also point out to the people which images were of her!

and pumkin poos, well, she just smiled & looked adorable, wanting me to hold her as she was bewildered at who these people were at our house.

ok, gotta go. just had to brag on my sweet kiddos!

grace & peace,


Anne said...

So very precious!!

pfd said...

Your kiddos are charming! I love when mother's take such pride in them.