Tuesday, January 18, 2011

atlanta gift mart!

{me in front of my DEMDACO display!}
{goosebumps, anyone?!}

i returned sunday night from a whirlwind trip to atlanta to the gift mart, which is where the gift industry showcases their products so that buyers from all over the country can come & order product for their store.

here are a few words to describe the show:
3. OVERWHELMING (i am talking 3 huge buildings full of basically everything you yourself buy in any gift, gardening, dept store, jewelry store... all in those buildings) (if only my sis, the power shopper was there to take it all in!)

{my name~ MY name!}

while there, i was basically star struck, which for me is kind of funny. i have met many famous authors as a book designer, so i have seen the famous, but to meet women whose art i so adore, now that is a totally different story!!!!

above is kelly rae roberts. i LOVE her work. i have followed her blog for a couple years now i guess (which i highly recommend). her mixed media collages take me back to my college days in art school & oh, how i only long for a studio full of scrap papers, paint, gloss medium, etc... not only is she an incredible artist, but she is also a fabulous writer, whose goal is to inspire other women to become who they dream of being. please see more of her work HERE.

above is susan lordi, THE creator of the willow tree figures. her story (as is all the artists stories i was blessed to hear) is so great. she is one of the original DEMDACO artists, and basically when i tell people that i am licensed with DEMDACO i just say, "you know, the producers of the willow tree figurines?" (to which EVERYONE says, "oh YES! i have some of those...")

in any case, susan & i got to chat for over an hour & i will cherish that forever. please see more of her work HERE.

above is leigh of curly girl (aren't we both curly girls... esp since my 3 inch haircut turned into 6 inches somehow with an "oops!" of my stylist... oh, well :)

only in reading leigh's work can you literally be laughing & crying at the same time. she is not only an amazing artist, but also a phenomenal writer. she can be so light-hearted & funny, while so tender & deep. i am also amazed at not only her creative skills, but also her business skills. go learn more about her HERE.

above is the talented, the whimsical, the life of the party lisa frost! she is from my hometown of rockford, illinois & it is always a pleasure to be around her.

lisa, along with her art, just makes you feel happy & special. everything she does is magical. her creativity never stops (i mean, look at that custom hand painted skirt she created to launch her frostini glasses!) if you are looking for decorations for any & every holiday, lisa's your gal! see more of her creations HERE.

above is my mom, who was so kind to travel with me, and her favorite artist marjolein bastin. we have both loved marjolein's work ever since i was in college working at a hallmark store & studying watercolor as an artform. i was so excited for my mom to actually meet her & get a signed piece of art! learn more about her HERE.

i also met dee of red letter words (or urban soul is her DEMDACO line) & dee... i need a pic of us! her line debuted at the show & i love it, for our hearts are the same: to get God's Word into people's home in a fresh & unique way! see more of dee's work HERE.

above i am with my product developer / creative brains behind my line. she is really the one who allows me to make this all happen & without her i would not be where i am today. (thank you! thank you! :) i also wish she would take me shopping so i can have an ensemble as cute as hers.

here is just one display from the show. the DEMDACO showroom was HUGE. i was completely floored, honored, humbled, & extremely thankful to God that i would be among those artists. i am so glad i was able to go (thanks to my hubby extraordinaire) & am so inspired to do so much more work.

ok, gotta fold laundry.

grace & peace,


Amber said...

Julie- that's awesome! Congrats! Well deserved.

LindyM said...

Such lovely words, and as a co-worker of Kate's, (working on the Silvestri brand) I could not agree more! These ladies are all so talented, kind and warmhearted. It does the heart good to hear that someone is pleased with their creations and touched by the works of others. It's what we always hope for, so when it happens, it's magical!

Pete Malone said...

Julie, i loved meeting you and have always loved your product. We are glad to have you as part of our family! Here is to a great 2011!!

Jody Donohue said...

Julie, What a wonderful post. I am so glad we had the chance to meet and share our adventures at the mart. You deserve your spot among these many talented artists.