Sunday, March 20, 2011

NEW! baby art now available!

{art available here}

i am SO HAPPY to start revealing what i have been creating for the last 2 months! the above piece, prayed for this child (or hannah's prayer as many refer to it), is definitely one of my new favorites. i will write more of the behind the scenes & my heart on this one later, but if you remember my brand new nephew born in december... well, yes, those are his wrinkly feet only 24 hours old!

{art available here}

i have been pondering this saying for quite a while: "it's the little things that count" & reminding myself of that truth daily, as i'm on the floor doing puzzles with my 3 year old or learning origami from my 7 year old or snuggling with my 5 year old.

and what can say it sweeter than those cute little toes?! each of those piggies ARE what truly counts... those feet that will grow to make their own journey & the way you as a mommy can influence them and enjoy them.

{art available here}

and, my last new piece starring malachi again (ok: can i just say how hard it is to shoot a newborn?! i have much respect for baby photographers!)

as he so sweetly slept, i just thought about how our dreams did come true having our children and what an amazing thing it is.

all art is available in sepia or black & white; loose prints or framed.


grace & peace,

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