Monday, April 4, 2011

behind the scenes: FOCUS


i think i need to print a wall sized canvas of the above art so that it's truth is in my face every day.

{maybe in smaller type it should say,

because, when it gets down to it, in my mind i know that is what life is all about.

or do i?

does my life show it, day to day? or am i rather focused on the little tasks & chores (which yes, as a mommy i cannot get away from nor should i) or my selfish struggles of late which i am deeply wrestling with and trying to give over to God.

trying, trying, trying.
working, working, working.
desiring, desiring, desiring.
me, me, me.

my focus so much of the time is on ME. what I want. what I have accomplished. what I dream of.

and then, there is Jesus. the God of the universe who SHOULD have been all about being focused on Himself, the worth & worship He so greatly deserved, but what does He do?

He humbles Himself by becoming a helpless little baby. Spends His entire life serving others, loving others, looking out for their well-being. He even goes so far as choosing death on a cross. He denies Himself so often, and in so many ways.

as a Christ follower, i am called to follow His example.

be humble & not think i deserve it all. be obedient to God the Father in what He has commanded me to do. be gracious & loving, even when it is not given back in return. give of myself freely & generously. worship with all of my heart.

i hope & pray God will grow this FOCUS in me more & more. that my eyes will truly be FIXED on Jesus. that He would increase in me. that i would more fully know & appreciate His love & grace as i draw near to Him.

grace & peace,

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