Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the kids: our love.

on sunday, i took the kids out for a photo shoot to scope out some locations for my upcoming shoots & low & behold, the forest preserve was PACKED since it was earth day!

we had a great time meeting an owl, observing turtles & fish and creating lots of crafts as well as planting seeds to grow.

and, here are some pics of my 3 crazy kiddos!
it's been quite a while since i've shot, so it was so great to be out & about again.

my sunshine girl...looking WAY too old in this photo! ugh!

my favorite little mister,
who is less willing to be in front of the camera more & more.

and, pumpkin-poos, who insisted on wearing the binoculars all day
you know, to look through them the wrong way...so cute.

sunshine girl is my super-model, coming up with poses all day.

the magical bridge and sunshine girl.

my favorite little mister actually wanted this shot
because he had climbed to a cool landing.

and, at the end of our walk, pumpkin-poos wanted to hold her big brother's hand
(he is THE favorite person in the world for her!)

i am hoping to shoot some gorgeous magnolia trees soon, if the chicagoland weather ever cooperates that is!

grace & peace,

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