Thursday, August 11, 2011

irish blessings {Downers Grove Photography}

last saturday i had the joy of meeting a new family & photographing them at Danada {in drizzly weather!} the dad is from ireland, so his accent was the coolest. the dog, farley, brought a new dimension to the family portrait & it was so fun {my first family with a doggie shoot!}. the above shot is the "nice family portrait" for the living room, once they had gathered & all looked at the camera, even farley! i love how the daughter took charge of the dog & leaned in to him.

then, mr. farley "had an itch" & the above captures the true family at heart! belly laughs from the parents, as the kids (& i) look in complete wonder as to what on earth this dog is doing?!

i love the above portrait. this little guy gave me a run for my money. if i thought shooting 7 kids, ages 6 & under was a challenge, well, this shoot gave me a whole new challenge. so, at this point in the shoot, he would not play with me or give me a real smile, and i thought it was so funny to pair him with a smiley face balloon {which, sad to say, his little sis was afraid of!}

oh & by the way, i unfortunately did NOT pull out my whoopie cushion. my big mistake & take away lesson: use the whoopie!

thanks to the help of his parents, i captured some really adorable smiles.
{plus, a bribe of a lollipop never hurts.}

and, here is the little sis! i could not get over her red curls and love of the camera. is she not a future irish dancer?!

if you enlarge this photo a lot, you can literally see the raindrops!

here is some art based on my life verse design irish blessing & irish family blessings, personalized just for them with their own family portrait.

and, here are some 10x20 designs i created for the kiddos!

grace & peace,


Wendy said...

Love them!!!! Great job Julie :)

Wendy said...

Love them!!! Great job Julie :)