Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i thank GOD for WHOOPIE CUSHIONS {Downers Grove Photography}

QUESTION: what do you get when you take 7 kids, ages 6 and under and try to sit them next to each other, all look in one direction, and say "CHEESE"?

ANSWER: a really wild & crazy photo shoot!

the above design was created with some of those crazy, beautiful shots which i took last saturday at one of my new favorite locations in the neighborhood, Fishel Park in beautiful downtown Downers Grove!

the photos are a gift for the grandma's birthday, so since there were so many great shots, i decided to design a 16x20 custom contemporary canvas in which she can display the main shot (her & the grandkids) along with many adorable out-takes.

here is a 10x20 contemporary canvas i have come up with for little miss jenna's room.

ok, click on the image to zoom in real close & check out her curls & lashes. TO DIE FOR!

above is a nostalgic style 16x20 canvas i have come up, so that these beauties remain timeless throughout the ages.

here are 2 silly cousins. OH & i cannot forget to mention the whole purpose of the title of this post: knowing it may (ahem) be a difficult shoot, i went armed with lollipops, a barking dog, a rubber duckie, and best of all, the FANTASTIC giggle-getter: my son's whoopie cushion. oh my. 5 little boys could not get enough of it; even the little sweet girls had to hold it. so funny!

here is that other sweetie pie. just look at those brown eyes.

and, why does she look so happy above? well, because her prize (i mean bribe) was lollipops. not just one, but two, thank you very much.

i have never been so entertained at a shoot. this one really taught me a lot & i cannot thank the parents enough for their help and involvement as i stood dumbfounded wondering how to gain control. ha! the great thing is that i got some really beautiful shots, as well as some silly ones!

if you would like me to transform your photography into a work of art, as shown in the samples above, please contact me through my email or etsy shop. thanks!

grace & peace,

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