Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Mister McB

meet Little Mister McB.

who truly is a gift from above.
he is a miracle baby in every sense of the word,
and boy am i glad i get to know him!

my camera could not get enough of those
bright, blue eyes and that toothy smile.

his eyes are really that blue!

and, here's the happy family. Daddy McB is one of our dearest college friends & we love his wife as well. you cannot deny the adorable-ness of their offspring, eh?! they have done good.

we walked up to the park with the fantastic fountain for some fun water shots. and, of course, a little spray in the face!

enjoy! & if you are interested in me adding artistic text and meaningful messages to your own family photos, give me a holler!

grace & peace,

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