Tuesday, July 19, 2011

14 years & they lived happily ever after.

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today marks the day i blissfully married my best beloved! we were 23 & 21 at the time (yes, I am the older woman), he still in college & breaking all chinese traditions marrying me, oh-so-young & in love!

14 years later, sam, you remain my best beloved & my best friend in all the world. your love, gentleness, kindness & compassion amaze me daily as you totally display the fruit of the Spirit in our home.

i decided to create some artwork to commemorate the occasion. these pieces will give you a sneak peek into a whole new concept i have for my business: taking people's photographic memories & creating them into a work of art. a timeless treasure.

i have created it in 2 ways:
1. julie style (ie: antique & textured)
(ok, might i just add right here that our first major fight was while registering for the wedding: i wanted cream towels & he wanted bright white. i wanted a decorative shower curtain & he wanted a plain white shower liner! the fight went much deeper than that, but i seriously looked at him & thought who are you? i thought he liked what i liked. boy, was i wrong!)

the small box shows our names & wedding date, as well as my vows to him. (we each wrote our own personal vows). the dark green was our wedding color & the script text in the background on the green side is the vows once again.

{photo of us today by hopskip photography}

2. sam style (clean & contemporary)
(did i mention we are opposites?!) sam could design any of my book covers in 3 colors: black, white & red. minimalism at its best. so, this one's for you babe.

it reads yesterday & today you will always have my heart.

2 great concepts for either a memorable wedding gift or anniversary gift!

contact me if you are interested. oh, these would be 10x20 canvases.

grace & peace,


Amy said...

We're July 19 too! But 2003. I had a blog post all made up for yesterday but had trouble getting a pic posted. I'm horrible with computers.

Julie said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary to you both! I love seeing people still in love after all the years :)