Wednesday, July 27, 2011

blogworthy: slumber party

a few weeks ago, this is what i found on "the nightly check"... you know, you tuck the kids, go downstairs, work or clean or relax, and go back up later to make sure they are o.k.

well, on this night i tucked the kids & came down to work back to back w/the hubby. it sounded like a construction zone above us, so i knew this was gonna be good.

all 3 kids share a room & the really amazing thing about it is that pumpkin-poos sleeps through everything while the 2 big kids go nuts. (see pumpkin-poo's hand in the very right side of the photo above?! so funny.)

here is a close up of sunshine girl. nice feet in the face (almost!)

here is a close up of my favorite little mister. see his dragonfly above the bed? we created 2 more shadow boxes of dead bugs he had cared for last week. so cool. think cicadas, beetles, and grasshoppers!

and, here is pumpkin-poos, totally passed out & content.

oh, the joys of kids!

grace & peace,

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