Thursday, May 17, 2012

Willow Creek Worship

 This past weekend was the HUGE art display at Willow Creek Community Church for their Mother's Day celebration.

Sunshine girl re-enacted her praise pose in front of her 8x10 foot banner!

 The team I had been working with was amazingly creative & detailed & thought through every aspect of the church environment, down to the signage they had me design!

Here is the other 8x10 foot banner!
My friend who modeled as the mommy in this image came to worship, but unfortunately I did not get a picture of her in front of her art!

These prints floated from the ceiling at one of the main entrances.
They were 24x36 mounted on black foam core.

 They beautifully chose reds & pinks to celebrate moms.

 And the rod iron around the church went amazingly well with my art & the scrolls.

 Another large sign; underneath (which you cannot see) is a chocolate fountain with a table full of goodies to dip... my girlfriend said she would come to this church every week if they served chocolate fountains each week! So funny. My kids were VERY happy :)

 These 2 huge pieces were created in Spanish for the Spanish service!

 This was the screen in the main auditorium. Nicole rocked the house, needless to say & Shauna Niequist was a great speaker. Just as I suspected, I cried almost the entire time throughout worship & her message! Notice on the stage they even created backgrounds using my scrolls. {Sunshine girl even noticed that, saying they "took mommy's artwork!"}

 Here is a huge crowd after the service. They are listening to a flash mob choir (so I was told... I could not get any closer).

 I had a great time watching camera phones everywhere snapping images of my art! This mom so sweetly had her daughter pose with Psalm 103!

 Inside an interior gazebo, the Willow crew acquired donated antique furniture for the weekend to create a homey, warm & nostalgic environment. So cool! People were so generous to allow their pieces to be borrowed! Thank YOU!

 I let them borrow my framed art & Demdaco plaques to display also!

 All in all, over 9,000 women were given a 2 pack of postcards of my art. I created postcards in Spanish & in English.

 Here is Mom Chen, posing by her piano hands!

 Here is Pumpkin-Poos posing by her sweet toes.

And, a definite highlight of the weekend was my family & friends who so faithfully attended the service with me. I was so touched by how many people came! Especially my hubby {shown here in his scrubs} who gratefully was put on stand-by at his nursing job so that he could attend with us!

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for viewing :)

Grace & Peace,

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