Wednesday, May 9, 2012

YOU are invited!

The art was all delivered today.
The website is live, featuring my art scrolling through the header.

It is finished!
Ready to be beautifully assembled by the most creative team.
Waiting for all of you to see.

And, I am cordially, joyfully, and humbly inviting all of you to come worship with me this weekend at Willow Creek Community Church in celebration of Mother's Day!

The lobbies will be full of my art on display; from my Demdaco plaques to 2 8x10 foot banners. wohoo! Gifts for all of the women who come! Please see their website for location & service times.

I hope to see you there.

I will be the one beaming with joy. Most likely crying like a baby as Nicole belts out her moving music. Simply taking in all of God's grace in my life.

Grace & Peace,

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