Tuesday, June 26, 2012

blogworthy: our CRAZY day at the zoo!

We just got home from our crazy day at the zoo. 
Now, when i say crazy, i mean it!

Location: Brookfield Zoo
Time: about 4:30 p.m.

The kids & I went for a short trip to the zoo as pumpkin-poos had been dying to go for so long. As we pass the carousel, I say to sunshine girl, "Hey, do you think any animals will escape the zoo today like in that book we like to read at home?"

 {a very fun book to read to your kids}

Location:  the Desert House in the Brookfield Zoo
Time: about 4:45 p.m.

It is already considered a "good" zoo trip, as the jaguar is pacing back & forth, very active, the porcupine was out & about and the meerkats were on look out for anyone who may swipe their food.

 {photo copyright Martin Harvey source: gettyone.com}

We pass the porcupines and head toward a bridge that separates the caracal from some other sort of desert animals (they look similar to hedgehogs). A kind teenage zoo volunteer is on the bridge & eager to educate us about these animals.

Me: Is he (the caracal) alone down there?

Zoo volunteer: Yes, and more interesting is that he has been known to try to jump or climb the walls (it is like a fake rocky ledge) because he really likes kids... {i am thinking: "likes kids?" hmmm....}

I am holding pumpkin-poos as my favorite little mister & I are tall enough to peek over the fence. I am looking for the caracal who has quickly moved, and glance over to see him JUMPING UP & CLIMBING THE WALL RIGHT FOR SUNSHINE GIRL who is squatting at the fence peering through the slots to see in.

  {photo copyright Martin Harvey source: gettyone.com how they look in the wild}

Zoo volunteer: GET BACK & MOVE AWAY!!!!

{The caracal's paws are over the top of the fence and he is easily climbing out!}


{I am quickly running away with the kids carrying pumpkin-poos in my arms & look back to see my favorite little mister turn back to see if the caracal is all the way over the fence. HE IS COMPLETELY OVER THE FENCE!}


{I practically run into a zoo keeper who is out & about feeding the animals & tell her the teen needs help as the caracal is on the loose}

They shove us out the door & as they lock it behind us, all 3 kids almost in unison smile excitedly & exclaim, "NOW WE HAVE A STORY FOR DADDY!" {a phrase we often use around here}

After we all stopped having our near heart attacks, we were able to laugh & think straight.  I was NOT going to mess with a wild animal near my kiddos. Mama bear came out in me & then I felt so bad that I left that helpless teenager RIGHT NEXT TO THE CARACAL all by himself!

All I could picture was my sunshine girl being scratched to death in her beautiful face, which as you know already sports 2 scars from previous accidents. {she was VERY brave by the way... OH, she told me she looked him in the eye & when I said you know you should never look an animal straight in the eye, she changed her story to looking at his big, pointy ears}.

Well, we looked up caracals online & found out some interesting tidbits for you all:
1. They are desert animals
2. They are very well known for jumping 10 feet or more & are most known for being the only land carnivorous animal who can leap to catch a bird in flight.
3. They are excellent climbers :) {ummm... you ain't kidding!}
4. They are solitary creatures.

So, that is our big excitement for the day... heck, for the year! Here's to many more zoo adventures! {Oh, and my favorite little mister wants you to know that the lion was roaring & the sloth bears were wrestling!}

Grace & Peace,


Julie said...

That is quite an adventure indeed!

Anonymous said...

My jaw dropped!! What a great memory. I'm glad you and your kiddos didn't get hurt!!

{debbie} said...

oh my goodness, i had to read about it in detail after hearing your story yesterday.. craziness!!