Thursday, September 13, 2012

The almost-5-yr-old Haircut

Pumpkin-Poos is almost 5 & she got her first MAJOR haircut last week
(look at how long her hair was!)
She did NOT want her hair cut. I think she thought Daddy was going to give her a mohawk like big brother's. But when Miss Tiffany came & put her on the "princess chair", she was beaming.
We went to a local park to scope out the red couch location & she caught a moth (was VERY proud).
I cannot believe she is almost FIVE! I had her IEP meeting yesterday at school & am simply amazed at how she has grown these last couple years in her speech development. I will never forgot sobbing dropping off my baby at preschool, knowing she could not come out afterwards telling me all she did. We went from that to now when I pick her up it's, "We did art. I made ME! We go to the park. I help my teacher..."

Thank you God.

Grace & Peace,

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