Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Red Couch with Friends {Downers Grove Photography}

 One of my very favorite things about being a photographer is photographing friends. Especially those "life long friends" like these guys. We have known them since college when we were in Intervarsity together & they are near & dear to my heart.

 On of my passions as a photographer is not only snapping a picture, but rather, telling a story. To capture someone's personality and spirit is the ultimate goal. To show true life is compelling. Above you see what Daddy-S was known for in college: sleeping in is cave. Nowadays, he sleeps on the couch surrounded by his beautiful daughters!

 If you knew this family, you would agree that the above image should definitely be their Christmas card. If you want a good laugh, hang out with these guys on a Saturday night & ask for his real life stories to be told as Mommy S giggles her contagious laugh!

 Another thing I love about them is their girls. I love how they are such a mix of the parents & yet all so different (& sweet I might add!)

Thank you again for allowing me to create these memories for you! Love you guys!

Grace & Peace,

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