Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6 Grandkids 6 + Under! (Downers Grove Photography}

A couple weeks ago at my red couch photo shoot, I had the joy of photographing my friend's family of 6 as well as her sister's family & the grandparents. We had so much fun & I am soooo glad "J" brought the silly glasses as the kids went wild.

Some things to note about this shoot:

1. SWEETEST Grandpa EVER.... while I was finishing up with the family before them, I could over hear him teaching his grandsons about the forest... & they are IN LOVE with their grandpa. It was so sweet. You can tell this man has waited his whole life to have this role & he thrives at it.

2. You have to love the grandma too (btw: most beautiful grandma you have ever seen, no?!) as she licks the lolly her grandson is sticking in her face!

3. So glad I snapped a pic of the sweet little grand daughter before she decided to melt down :( poor little thing is missing from some of the photos.

4. Also so fun to see families growing! The last couple we mentored when they were back in college & now we are all raising our families together!

I am honored to have created these memories for them!

Grace & Peace,

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