Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Highs & Lows of Halloween 2012

 {Pumpkin-Poos aka "Hot Dog Girl"}

High: being adorable. being creative. getting TONS of candy & smiles.

Low: walking "too far" ... she was SPENT & mommy making her wear gloves, making it difficult to grab that candy when people let you pick out your own piece.

 {Sunshine Girl aka "Balloon Girl"}

High: being sweet & sunshiny. being creative. getting TONS of candy & getting to practice being her new career goal: a balloon girl who will work at the zoo, giving away balloons to children for free.

Low: the huge balloon bouquet tied around her wrist somehow loosened & flew away at house FIVE. ugh. resulting in no "costume" & people asking, "what are you?!"

{My Favorite Little Mister aka "Ranger's Apprentice"}

High: being handsome. being super creative. getting carried away in his latest book series, that inspired the costume. HAND - MAKING the cloak with Daddy, thank you very much youtube!

Low: the WIND. it kept blowing is hood & cloak back, thus making it look like he had a piece of fabric on his winter coat. oh, he was heart broken. did not even trick-or-treat the majority of the time. also, his quiver full of hand made arrows kept falling off is shoulder strap.

Mommy's High: Seeing how amazingly creative my kids were in coming up with these costumes & making them together!

Mommy's Low: Seeing my son heartbroken after all of his hard work, as the costume did not fit as he wanted, due to windy conditions. Seeing my daughter watch her little sis get ALL the compliments of how "cute & adorable" she was, as she (the big sis) (who is BEAUTIFUL by the way) stands there & is asked "what are you?" "well, I was a balloon girl, but my balloons blew away...." She stuck with it & did well though.

Hope your trick or treating was fun!

Grace & Peace,

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