Sunday, June 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes: My Life Verse

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{art available here}

{art available here}

As promised from my previous post, a peek inside my personal life verse. I have created it in 2 styles: both my vintage style & Words to Move You {subway art with an elegant twist} style. 

The entire prayer by Paul for the church of Ephesus sums up the best parts of life: to truly KNOW the love of God {ie: feel it in your heart; experience it day by day; allow it to sink in to the depths of your soul & satisfy you} & to give Him glory {to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can even ask or imagine! THIS is our God!}

For my vintage style photography, I chose to photograph the branches of trees as they are ultimately rooted & intricate creating beautiful shapes & lines. I looked up & through the branches to also emphasize the vast sky & opening above of the limitless love which is from Heaven & so large.

For my subway style art, I chose red for the piece speaking of God's love & simplified the wording to get to the one of the major points of the passage. For the art speaking of God's glory I chose blue to symbolize the sky as in other passages it states that the heavens declare the glory of God & I personally often think of the beautiful wide skies. {but you can pick ANY color of art your heart desires!}

We have used this Scripture at our wedding & all 3 of our children's baby dedications. If we experience the love of God in our marriage & if our children accept and understand the love of God in their own lives, well.... what could be better than that?!

Grace & Peace,

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