Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunshine Girl & Her Golden Birthday

 My Sunshine Girl recently had her golden birthday: she turned 8 on June 8th. I love her to pieces and she continually amazes me as to who she is & who she is becoming. She continues to be my model extraordinaire and looking back over these years I cannot believe how time has flown. I will never forget bringing her home from the hospital on a beautiful June day to see my first roses blooming. So every year it's our tradition to look in the backyard to see when the roses are alive. She is such a beautiful little girl both inside and out, just one reason she is my sunshine.

 Her birthday also landed on our soccer team's last game for the season so I surprised her with 8 yellow balloons.

 One fun thing about my Sunshine Girl is to observe what a combo she is of me & her daddy: she LOVES soccer & art. All she wanted for her birthday was a REAL easel so she could draw & paint.
{That & a pair of roller skates!}

 Her first sketch was titled: Lonely Dandelion.

 Like her Daddy, she loves to eat & LOVES comic books. {note the batgirl shirt she is wearing} I love her random dinner questions about Wolverine or Thor or Batman, etc... as if she's been thinking about them all day long. This year she carried an Avengers lunchbox to school & had no problem at all with some of the girls scoffing at her. She is confident in her own unique self.

Below is some of my art of which she is the star, 
most of these are when she was 4 years old!

{art available here}

Happy Birthday my Sunshine Girl! I love you so much!

Grace & Peace,

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