Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Roadtrip: Part 1

 I would rather spend money on traveling the world than most anything else. One of my philosophies in life is that God created this big, majestic planet, so why not experience it in our lifetime? Drinking in nature & learning about other cultures will never get old for me.

My family just returned from a 10 day roadtrip out east. Final destination: Lancaster County.

First stop on the agenda was to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit our dear friends whom my children adore. University of Michigan is a beautiful campus. My friend is getting her PhD in sociology & social work & they depart for her research overseas next month, so we wanted to spend some quality time with them.

We went to the Ann Arbor art fair & the U of M Natural History Museum (AWESOME specimens of owls, btw). We also got to go swimming. It was so great. I am SO PROUD of my friend & all she has already accomplished in her life. She is simply amazing.

Next stop: The Branches of Niagra Campground in Grand Island, NY

What a beautiful campground filled with fun family activities!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day, taken at dusk. The light was so beautiful & warm.

More on our adventures soon!

Grace & Peace,


Sweet Apron said...

You and Sam look sooo different in the first pic.

Sweet Apron said...

In addition, I think Little Mister needs to be called Big Mister. Growth spurt?!

mary said...

Your kids are so beautiful! I love the flower shots at the end- what a pretty trip.