Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Roadtrip: Part 2

 Our next stop on our road trip was Niagra Falls. We arrived early in the morning (there were literally 2 other people at the USA Horseshoe Falls lookout & as we walk up, it takes my breath away & Pumpkin-Poos response to the beauty is, "Mommy, can we go to a hotel now?!"

 At least the 2 big kids appreciated the beauty!

 We went on our 16th wedding anniversary. Sunshine Girl took the photo above.

 The wind was AMAZING. We had so much fun & laughed so hard.

 I love this shot cuz Sunshine Girl looks like a super-hero... maybe Storm from X-Men?! The WIND!!!!

After spending the day on the American side hiking the falls, going on the boat ride (which I could NOT believe how close we were taken to the falls), the historical movie, & the aquarium, we decided to walk Rainbow Bridge to Canada for dinner. I was freaking out a bit, as I have discovered I have a slight phobia of walking across large bridges. (I blame my father who "faked" picking me up to "throw" me over a bridge into the Rock River while I was young.)

Anyways, we made it & while entering a restaurant a crazy storm came out of nowhere. We were stuck in Canada a little longer than expected, walked back in the rain & camped that night in a torrential downpour & wind that felt like we were in a hurricane.

My hubby (& hero) literally held up our tent for part of the night the wind was so strong.

Nothing like making fun memories for the kids!

More to come...

Grace & Peace,

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