Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roots {How It All Began}

i thought i would tell you the story of how life verse design began. i have a bfa in illustration and have spent my career as a book designer (i will blog about more of that later...) so, photography, design, and illustration are my heart and visually bringing this to life is my passion.

while pregnant with my third child (pumpkin-poos), i was mentally preparing myself for the fact that i would not have much sleep, nor have much focused time during devotions while trying to nurse my newborn and care for 2 other toddlers. in the past when my babies were born, i would handwrite scripture on notecards and place them around the house so that i was at least able to see God's Word and think about it through my busy days. it then came to me that since i was a designer, i could do much better than a 3x5 index card, so i started thinking about how i could visually illustrate the verse.

at the same time, i was in a wonderful bible study by beth moore focusing on the fruit of the Spirit. we were memorizing galatians 5:22-23 and i thought it would be nice to design it for myself and my small group. (see above :) i did and the women encouraged me to sell in the fall craft show at church.

so, when pumpkin-poos was 6 weeks old, i brought 12 designs to sell at the church craft show and to my joy, they almost sold out! this was a huge encouragement and confirmation that this is something i should pursue, as well as the fact that it was such a natural part of me. so, in march of 2008 i launched my etsy shop selling scripture and inspirational art, and i guess the rest is history!

grace & peace,

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Jane Hsu said...

awwww i love your story & the picture of you & your baby!! how cute :D

i think combining art and God's words is part of my passion too, but in the meantime, im stuck working at a bank :P