Thursday, June 18, 2009


a little over a year ago, i received an email from one of the creative product developers at Demdaco offering me a licensing deal on my artwork. i was of course in awe that God would drop this opportunity in my lap and it is just another evidence of His grace in my life. i am truly honored to be a part of the Demdaco family, along with such artists as susan lordi, the creator of the willow tree figurines, and kelly rae roberts whose mixed media collages i am in love with!

well, it is official! the product shipped to my house TODAY and will hit stores in july!!!!! and other exciting news is that they have already asked me to extend the line for summer 2010, which is a sign that store owners are ordering it. let's hope God gets his word out in a new, unique way!

here's us, tearing into the box of goodies and the other shots are my little models with some of their photos.


Jen said...

Very cool Julie! You must be so proud! God is so good!

Doda said...

How wonderful! God is good!
Gorgeous pictures!!

Sara Tams said...

How exciting! They're so beautiful - I can't wait to see them in person!

stage3design said...

Julie . . . these look awesome!! Congratulations!!! The ad really plays up your work nicely and shows the 3D nature of the pieces. I wish the ad showed/explained the wording a bit clearer, but maybe that's by design. Perhaps the ambiguity of the look will draw people in, and God will use that to spur people into reading His words in moving ways.
I'm so happy to see this come together for you. God has blessed you mightily!

~ Joshua Harber said...

I have no doubt that your fine artwork, coupled with God's powerful word, will bless many... And I'd bet it will sell well too!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! Wonderful news for a wonderful person!! Can't wait to see them in the stores-


Unknown said...

Hi Julie, I'd love to purchase a couple, but with hubby being out of work for several months, we had conserve!!! They are awesome!!! Love them. and those little cuties!!!

Unknown said...

How wonderful this is for you!!! Yes, God is truly in have honored our Father with your awesome art...I want more!!!

Joan Begitschke said...

Hey Julie - Love your blog! Congratulations on your extension with Demdaco through next summer!

Kristine said...

I love the pictures of your kids with "their" artwork!