Thursday, July 23, 2009


aahhhh, the mountains. fresh air. supreme beauty. it was so fun to see our kids react to seeing the rockies for the first time.
while hiking in rmnp, we saw a herd of 6 rams. some locals told me later that was like finding gold and that they will hike a whole year in the park and never spot 1!
these guys on the other hand are NOT hard to spot. we saw at least 50, some of which were blocking the road and in no hurry at all.
my sunshine girl, the tree hugger.
one of my favorite spots was the aspen forest. it felt magical as the leaves just shimmered in the cool breeze.
this was on one of our hikes where a ranger told us to keep the kids close to us as a mountain lion had been spotted there 4 days earlier. yikes! pumpkin-poos is on the lookout!
just a sampling of the many beautiful flowers we saw.
my favorite little mister at garden of the gods.
at the end of our trip we visited the focus on the family headquarters in colorado springs and i had my first Demdaco product sighting! i was so excited, they are really out there!

my all time favorite part of our vacation was simply being together as family, 24/7 with no work, no interruptions, no schedule. i did shoot about 1,000 photos, but that never feels like work to me. since being back i have created 15 new pieces for Demdaco, which also does not feel like work. it is true joy to create!

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stage3design said...

Congrats! It's awesome that you got to see your work out in the world. Too bad you had to travel to Colorado to make it happen! :)