Thursday, August 6, 2009

beth moore called!

i know i have posted this image before (in my story of how it all began), but i had to write about it again! so, last week i saw beth moore teach at tyndale house publishers (where i formerly worked full time ... i'll write about that later :) and i took her the above artwork framed with a note of thanks for the ministry she has done in my life and for so many of my friends. i was not able to give it to her myself, but my friend who is designing her latest book was able to sneak it to her in the bathroom! i left tyndale not knowing if she would ever really receive it, and about an hour later while i was crazily feeding the kiddos lunch, i got an "unknown name, unknown number" call (of which i rarely if ever answer) & low & behold it was beth moore herself calling me on the way to the airport to thank me for my gift!

i was so deeply encouraged by her words to me; to keep bringing God's Word in my own, unique way, and she also totally encouraged me in my mommyhood. i am not very "star struck" with many authors or "famous" artists, as i try to keep in mind that they are just real people like you and me, but beth truly has God's anointing on her life. her teaching at tyndale was amazing and humbling and challenging, and most of all, her heart for God and the depth and passionate love that she exudes is something i just long for more of. so, needless to say, for her to encourage me to press on and keep glorifying my Savior meant a lot.

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