Friday, August 14, 2009

"if you say so..."

here is my 4 year old princess . . . and, her new favorite phrase is, "if you say so..." which she says while slightly shrugging her shoulders and waving her hands up in the air. the funny thing is that she's not saying it out of defiance. she says it and goes along with the flow to obey whatever i am asking her to do. the really funny thing is that she is my "why?" girl who normally questions everything, again not so much out of defiance (though i can tell when she is asking it with attitude), but she just really wants to know why? so, i must say i am enjoying these (probably) fleeting moments of the simple, quick obedience with no questions asked, and just wonder how long will this phase last? hopefully through the teenage years? hee hee hee.

and here is my latest baby/child piece featuring my princess herself. thanks for your sweetness sunshine girl!

grace & peace,

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