Friday, August 21, 2009

first grade

my favorite little mister (my BABY boy!) started first grade today! i got through with surprisingly no tears. i think it was because he was so very excited. i am still amazed that he is mine, much less 6 years old, and now an official first grader. my, how the years have flown by. he said his favorite thing today was organizing his desk (sounds like his mommy...) he also learned how to properly open a milk carton. oh, the good old days.

daddy gave him his back-to-school haircut. yes, the mohawk is back after a whole summer without it (he turned to talk to daddy during his last haircut, thus ruining the "hawk"). daddy even got a matching mohawk to start his school year out also. they're my boys and i love 'em.
teachers truly deserve to be honored and need encouragement throughout the year. hope all of you & your kiddos have a great one!

grace & peace,

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