Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FREE: inspirational wallpaper for your iphone or itouch

want to win a FREE psalms wallpaper set for your iphone or itouch?

good. if i had an iphone, i would want one too.

just become a fan (or "like" me) on my NEW
life verse design facebook page,
and write on my wall
that you would like to have an entry to the contest.

i will pick one lucky winner august 27!

ok, go. tell your friends.
tell your entire church.
have them tell their friends &
let's see if this whole social networking thing really works!

it's been fun to see these sell as far as singapore & switzerland (dreamy!)

OH! and, if you don't win it's a mere 99 cents to buy
the whole 15 piece collection!

grace & peace,

p.s. i hope you like the new buttons i have added to the page for my BibleiArt & facebook page!

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