Wednesday, June 8, 2011

blue eyes & tons o' fun

i did a fun little photoshoot last weekend of a family with ... get this ... BLUE eyes! {as a mommy to chinese lookin' babies, it is rare that i get the privilege to shoot blue eyes}

just adore with me these sweet sisters, whom my daughter immediately fell in love with too.

so, you will note a progression in these portraits which also reflects how i learn something new in each and every photoshoot i do.

my number one lesson in this session was:
get to know your client.

you see, i had spoken to them briefly {in fact, i went to college with them many years ago!} and based on work they had seen me do, i felt i had a good idea of how to capture them.

but, when mommy D. showed up with WHITE pants, i thought to myself, "uh-oh!"
as i had been thinking of making them hog pile on the ground, straddle rocks, etc.. etc...

little did i know how game she was to do anything i asked them to do & how totally fun & relaxed they were! the girls loosened up and danced and ran like wild, which was just what i wanted: to show energy, true personality, and magic.

one of my all time favorite family portrait shots happens to be the above shot, which daddy D. gets all the credit for. when he mentioned jumping like the old toyata commercials, i was totally game, as was the entire family! look at how high daddy D. can jump! {btw, to all you photographers out there: this is indeed one frame & i did not have to swap bodies or heads to get it... a true miracle}

oh, and i cannot forget to mention the beautiful wardrobe choice by mommy D. look at those colors! and how they all work together & yet are different!

and, lastly here are the sweet sisters again & what i have created in my life verse style out of their image.

priceless. timeless.

thanks for a GREAT shoot!

grace & peace,

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