Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Card Designs!

{Elegance Front}

{Elegance Back}

{Filmstrip Front}

{Filmstrip Back}

{Stripes Front}

{Stripes Back}

{Simple Front}
{Simple Back}

{Vintage Front}

{Vintage Back}

I have been a busy little elf creating magical Christmas cards that are sure to WOW your friends and family. Each card is a flat 5x7 double sided full color piece of art. The printing is gorgeous & you have the choice of a coated finish, linen finish, or pearlized finish.

If you own the rights to your family photos {or get your photographer's written permission to use theirs}, I would love to create your card. The wording can change as long as it fits the space & turn around time is fast.

If you are interested in this custom design card pricing, email me at

Grace & Peace,

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