Monday, February 27, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Always?!

{art available here}

{art available here}

My Bible study recently completed the book of Philippians. What a beautiful, encouraging & challenging book! One verse that always "gets me" though is in chapter 4: Rejoice in the Lord always! AGAIN, I WILL SAY IT: REJOICE! {hmm... now why do you think Paul needed to repeat himself? probably just for me!}

Always? really God?

The same day I found out a dear friend had a miscarriage & immediately I thought of this verse that is one of those "Christiany" verses that many so flippantly say, "Well, PRAISE the LORD!" "Rejoice always!" "Hallelujah!"

I did NOT feel like rejoicing. Instead, I wept. I remembered the pain of loss. The empty feeling. The "why's" & "what did I do wrong?"

You see, in difficult times I am {often} able to have faith, hope & trust but joy? hmm.. I am still trying to figure that whole thing out.

The next morning (in the shower of course... my alone time :) God pointed out to me the 2 key words I was looking over: IN THE. You see, He is not asking us to rejoice in our situation or our circumstance, but no! Rather, we can really truly always rejoice IN HIM. In who He is & what He has done & is able to do. Even in the midst of sorrow, there is always something to rejoice in: Jesus & the hope we have in Him alone. Our Heavenly Father who is constantly reaching out to us. The Holy Spirit who is able to fill us with the peace that passes understanding & yes, even joy. And it is not making light of our pain & sorrows that we may be facing currently in our lives. {we are also called to mourn with those who mourn}

I pray He continues to grow in me a heart of rejoicing IN HIM, keeping my eyes heavenward knowing that there is truly always something to rejoice in. And, quite honestly, I still think it is funny that Paul had to repeat himself as it shows that people like me needed to hear it over & over again. {read the book of Philippians & highlight how many times Paul writes "joy" or "rejoice" & take note of what or why he is rejoicing! a fun little word study! now GO!}

grace & peace,

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Amy said...

Love the happy pink flowers...and the book of Phillipians. Now, where is the artwork for that time that God either created or allowed evil? That might be nice for a nursery. :-) Love you and your cans of worms.