Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine & a Valentine's Sale

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today we celebrate love and the beautiful gift it is. I for one am incredibly blessed to have an awesome hubby who lives out what true love is day by day.

We finally saw the movie UP this past weekend, and I have to say it is definitely one of the most romantic movies ever. {Those writers & artists are AMAZING on soooo many levels}

Anyways, I was already crying at the opening scene where they are shown meeting, falling in love, and growing old together hand in hand. Then near the end where he discovers the "rest of her story" {sorry if i just gave away a huge part of the movie} filled with the true adventures of life together had me hysterical.

It hit me not only because of the sweetness of the story, but also because I am a world traveller at heart. I mean, this world God has made is so amazing and we only have one life, so why not SEE it?! Before we had kids we had many great adventures to Moscow, Switzerland, Paris, as well as camping trips out west. I also have a "someday" list of places I would like to see.

Somewhere in the movie someone {I think the cute little kid?} says a line about how memories in life are made in the boring stuff and I have to just smile at that wisdom.

Since having kids our new adventure has begun, full of the little ordinary but sweet moments full of a deeper love I could have never dreamed of. To some our life may look mundane, but I would not trade our after dinner dance parties, bike rides, walks in the forests, farmer's market for chocolate croissants {and, you know, healthy stuff too}, snuggle story time traditions for anything in the world.

My adventure and my heart is with you my hubby!

OK, enough about me, now what about my love for YOU?! I too want to show my customers the love they deserve as they have been so great in helping make my dreams come true. Today is the last day to receive 14% off any purchase in my store & feel free to even combine it with the BUY 3 get the 4th FREE 8x10 fine art offer!

Just enter LOVE14 in the coupon code section of the ETSY checkout!

Happy Valentine's Day! May you know true love always.

Grace & Peace,

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