Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost Amish : book design by Julie Chen

If you have followed my blog for long (which might be 2 of you!), you know that I am also a freelance book designer for Tyndale House Publishers.

One of my latest babies recently hit the shelves. Almost Amish is the story of a woman trying to simplify her life from technology and the busyness of life to truly slow down and enjoy life.

It has to be one of my favorite covers I have ever created!

The above cover, with the black damask background is actually the original photo & concept. We wanted to create a slightly "tongue-in-cheek" modern day "almost amish" woman... the suburban lady with a perfect manicure, tattoos on her wrists, funky rings, and yet wears a peasant black blouse and a not-so-old-fashioned-apron as she bakes bread in her kitchen to bring to her dinner table in a gorgeous basket.

Here is what a reviewer said about the cover:

The book Almost Amish is packaged in a kind of chick-lit come-hither way.

The cover model is holding a whopping loaf of homemade bread in a rustic basket, her nails a well- tended bright red and sporting a ring that looks as if a Kardashian dropped it while fleeing the paparazzi, a tattoo of a bracelet on one arm. Her black blouse is stylishly notched, and her apron/skirt is the sort of awesomely gorgeous Etsy-riffic thing for which you, too, would go almost-Amish if only you could find and purchase it. If you had that apron, you could eat fresh kale by the leaf and feel perfectly content.

It is a stunning book cover.

The publishing team wanted the background a little lighter & brighter, so we chose to bring out the teal.

Good thing for me, I not only have an extremely talented friend and neighbor who knows how to sew anything, but she is also adorned with the most beautiful tattoos and has a great style of her own. (she is also the type to buy organic, bake fresh bread, and again, create her own clothing)... so, I recruited her to design this apron & model of the cover!

And, this is most likely also my favorite spine I have ever created! Look at the detail of Heather's sewing. Please check out more of her work at

OH & if you have seen me at a local art show or women's conference, you will see me wearing this apron & she is currently creating a matching fabric headband!!! So excited.

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Amy said...

So stinkin' cute! I love it!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

How fun! Great cover!