Sunday, April 8, 2012

new life

We had a wonderful weekend & were able to take another trip to the sheep farm, which is seriously one of my children's highlights of the year! {see more images here & here}. This year Farmer Sandy had 9 precious new lambs. The ones shown above are already 3 weeks old. I did see one that was born that morning, but the mama sheep protected her quite well so that I was not able to get a good photograph.

In any case, 2 things struck me this year:

1. New Life ... the beauty of new life is currently all around us as the spring blooms have opened and the sweet smells fill the air. We have already spotted butterflies in our back yard, which is I think the most prominent symbol of new life as well as transformation. To see the precious new lambs and witness their brand new lives never gets old. It is a wonder every year.

2. Innocence ... in looking at those new lambs and thinking back to the Old Testament laws, in which there must be bloodshed and death to cover over sin, and that of an unblemished lamb! I just stood in the barn and looked at those totally pure and innocent creatures and thought of how over and over the Bible refers to Jesus as the Lamb of God and how He was indeed also totally pure and innocent and yet willing to lay down His life for us so that we can experience the beauty of new life in His Spirit. Such purity is shown and in return, makes us innocent too. wow.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
Grace & Peace,

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